MesaBassoonRepair is a specialist bassoon repair workshop created by bassoon players, and for bassoon players. Our goal is to meet our requirements of a maximum performance result always. Our philosophy, a commitment to excellence.


We do complete overhauls, general overhauls with maximum quality guarantees. We also offer all kinds of work like; silver plating, nickel plating, wood repair, restoration, oiling, polishing, custom key mechanisms, and installation of keys. All in order to meet all your own personal needs.


Complete range of overhauls depends of what you need

Varnisching and tenon repair

Parcial or total varnishing. Tenon and cracks repairs.

Silver plating Keys

Silver plating or Niquel plating bath to all the mechanism or single parts

Mechanism customization

We modifiy keys for improve your confort and effiency.

We are a Bassoon and Contrabassoon repair specialist, and our compromise is the excellence.

Miguel has an impressive and deep knowledge of his subject. Also, top notch workmanship always. I wouldn’t go to anyone else.
Really excellent.
John Potts

Principal bassoon Orquesta Filármonica de Gran Canaria

Miguel Ángel Mesa has a distinct advantage as a bassoon repairman insofar as he is also an excellent bassoonist.  He has done overhauls on two of my bassoons with impeccable results, and took on the painstaking task of completely revarnishing the instrument I am currently using, with wonderful results to the instrument’s vibration and sound.

Timothy Porwit

Fagot Coprincipal Orquesta Sinfónica de Tenerife

Un profundo conocimiento del fagot, sumado al mimo y el detallismo trabajando, es lo que denota el trabajo de Miguel. Mi Heckel está en excelentes condiciones después de una revisión completa.

Santiago López

Fagot principal Orquesta Sinfónica de Bilbao

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John Potts (Fagot principal Orquesta Filarmónica de Gran Canaria)